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Resources, Curiosity, and Mutual Relationships

Resources, Curiosity, and Mutual Relationships

The Native American Task Force of the Southwestern Washington Synod aspires to Curate Resources, Cultivate Sacred Curiosity, and Encourage Mutual Relationships between our congregations and their Native American neighbors and siblings.

Curated Resources and Documents

Gather, develop, and maintain resources relevant to Native American culture and history within the geographical area of the Southwestern Washington Synod. Resources will be curated and made available on our website, e-newsletter, and Synod and congregational events.

Cultivating Sacred Curiosity

Support the efforts of the bishop and synodical staff to connect with native peoples in acts of repentance and reconciliation

Encourage Mutual Relationships

Raise awareness within congregations about the Native American peoples and the history of the land relevant to the places we live and serve.

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Historical Documents and Actions

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Current and On-Going Actions

  • Orange Banner Project
  • A Model of Land Acknowledgement (coming soon)

o   Why land acknowledgements?
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Worship Resources, Books and Films (pdf)

Coming soon!

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