Our Vision

"I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Our Southwestern Washington Synod’s Mission


  1. Identity and Mission: We are the congregations, people, and ministries of the Southwestern Washington Synod, walking together to bring God’s love, healing and justice to every level of life:


Hearts:  We reveal God’s gracious love, which brings to each person peace with God and peace within their deepest self.


Relationships: We invite all people into Christ’s new community, where all are equally valued, where none are diminished or abused, and where we learn to live in new life-giving ways that renew families, friends, co-workers and neighbors.


World: We work with the Spirit of Christ to oppose destructive evils including racism, oppression, and poverty, and, with Christ, bring God’s transforming realm of compassion, justice, and peace among all people, nations, and ethnic groups in our present world.


Creation: We live in a mutually-caring relationship with God’s entire creation, particularly with the land, forests, mountains and waters that bless us in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Strategy: As a Synod, we will focus on two parallel actions:
    • Nurture and energize our existing congregations and ministries. We will accomplish this through synod programs such as Imagine, the Congregations Lead Initiative, Stewardship workshops, coaching, anti-racism work, diversity-equity-inclusion, hunger programs, and supporting pre-schools.
    • Create new, experimental ministries, particularly for and with Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian communities, young adults, LGBTQIA+, and other communities that are under-represented in our congregations. This will include starting new mission congregations, creating Affordable Housing, and developing new hunger programs.

We will carry out this parallel ministry by building cohorts and networks of congregations, leaders and ecumenical/community partners that together engage in spiritual formation, skill development, and collaborative ministry.  A key part of this will be growing leaders through our Candidacy work, PSALM, coaching, and the Thriving Leadership Formation program.