Thriving Leadership

Leadership Formation

Over the next two years, pastors and deacons in our Synod will participate in cohorts in a process of leadership formation.  The Thriving Leadership Formation program particularly works with pastors and deacons to deepen their spiritual and relationship-building resources, as a key component of being competent leaders in their ministry. 

Here is the link to the website Thriving Leadership Formation  and to the cohort leaders: Cohort Leaders – Thriving Leadership Formation

This program is carried out in coordination with Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, California Lutheran University and all the synods of Region 1 and 2 of the ELCA. It is funded with a grant from the Lilly Foundation.

Deacons Cohort Leader: Tammy Rismiller

As Deacons, we have a unique calling to our faith communities.  Each of our callings are individual and unique in a wide range of settings, but we are all united as Deacons.  Our work is difficult, challenging, daring, and life-giving.   I am inviting you to join me in the Thriving Leadership Formation – Deacon Cohort. Together, we will grow in faith, build community, find a safe place to share, and help each other thrive as faith leaders.

Southwestern WA Synod Clergy Cohort Leader:  Pastor Nate Sutton