Administrator Resources

Compensation Guidelines

Looking for compensation guidance on lay employees? Due to such a wide variety of positions, hours, education and other factors for non-rostered people, we encourage your personnel committee to look at your local school district pay schedule for office, youth and custodial workers.


It is recommended that ELCA congregations review the adopted amendments for their constitutions as soon as possible after each churchwide assembly to incorporate the required changes and to consider the recommended changes.

Pulpit Supply

Recommended Compensation: The congregation should establish reasonable reimbursement rates for the conducting of worship services AND travel expenses for supply pastors. The recommended minimum rate of payment to supply pastors is $200 for one worship service and $75 for each additional service/forum/event on the same day and at the same location. Travel related expenses (mileage, housing and meals as appropriate) should also be reimbursed. The payment of these expenses is the sole responsibility of the congregation and should be paid on the day the supply pastor fills the pulpit. The Synod recommends using the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate ($0.67/mile as of Jan. 2024).

Please email us at for current supply list.